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.*.UK is the extension for domain names in the United Kingdom. Realtime Register is an official member of Nominet. We arrange for registration, transfer or change of your .*.uk domain name quickly and efficient. The Registry for .*.uk domain names you can find at

For who is a .*.uk domain name registration meant?

.*.uk is devided in different second level domain names (SLDs), for each type SLD there are different rules:

  • For commercial companies
  • Fro individuals
  • For commercial companies and organisations
  • Only for registered trademarks
  • Only for registered trademarks
  • For internet service providers

Are there specific requirements for .*.uk domain name registration?

Minimum 3 characters. Maximum 63 characters. At least two character has to be in the domain name (not only numbers). You can’t start or end a .*.ukdomain name with a (“-”) sign. You can’t begin with (“xn—-”).

Additional requirements for a .*.uk domain name

Additional requirements you can find in Appendix .*.uk of the General Terms and Conditions. Upon registration of a .*.uk domain name, the dealer, customer and end-user agree with these additional terms and conditions. The dealer/reseller declares to make the General Terms and Conditions as well as Appendix .*.uk subject to the contract which he has with his customer or end-user (i.e. the domain name holder).


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